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Driver Education

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man drivingWe (!! 01 Atlanta Area DUI and Driving School LLC) specialize in providing behind the wheel lessons in Atlanta. These classes run on a daily basis with flexible hours from 8 am. The main purpose of these courses is to educate everyone how to drive and how to handle complicated situations while driving a vehicle.
Our behind the wheel classes are ‘one on one’ basis. This means that there is one instructor for one student. We highly recommend you to have this behind the wheel classes prior to taking our driving classes in Atlanta.

For your convenience, we also pick you up from a reasonable distance. We offer our classes in 2, 3, 4, 6 hours basis and even more if it’s needed.

If you are looking for professional behind the wheel classes in Atlanta, call us at 404-554-8888 and be a part of our safe driving campaign.