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Read and be inspired by the testimonials of our previous student drivers.


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Get to know more about !! 01 Atlanta Area DUI and Driving School LLC from the point of view of its graduates and students. Read through our testimonials page and get a better idea.

2 responses to “Testimonial/Reviews”

  1. This is the best school ever. They offer discounts and the instructor is really good, calm and understanding. I just don’t know what words to describe this school.

  2. I cannot speak highly enough about this driving school. I was dreading taking the risk reduction class, but it ended up being a really great experience. It was refreshing to walk into the class and see a teacher who actually cared about his students. He taught with knowledge, charisma and laughter, which is not what I would have expected. The facility was comfortable, and the instructor did everything to make us feel at home. I would recommend this school to any one that had to take a risk reduction class, defensive driving class or a driver education class.
    Jossy Apuri

    My reason for “5 STARS” Thanks very much! I can admit I enjoyed taking the much dreaded DUI Risk reduction class at this School. The instructor connected well with the students and really knew his stuff. Moreover, he was non-judgemental in his delivery. The office Staff were friendly and I appreciated the fact that they had a live 24hrs customer service. The facility was sparkling clean and chairs were really comfortable. I also referred 2 friends there, who reported they both had pleasant experiences. One had to take the Defensive Driving Class and the other needed Driving Lesson for her son. Overall, I am happy with my experience at Atlanta Area DUI and Driving School LLC.

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